Meet the Crew

Paul Mallory


Busy brewing up the lastest beer creations from the Black Diamond, we haven't been able to get Paul to give us his bio.

But rest assured, he's got the goods and we'll get his creds posted up shortly! 

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Michael Hall

General Manager

A veteran in the beverage business, please welcome Michael to Black Diamond.  We'll get his full bio posted up shortly. 

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Mike Pierce

Key Accounts / Marketing

Mike has seen the beer business from all sides: as a grocery manager at retail, a sales rep, a brand manager and director of sales at the distributor level, and as a sales rep for Gordon Biersch before joining the Black Diamond team. He now manages the chain accounts and directs the marketing efforts from copy writing to social media and beyond. But his favorite part of the job is pouring the brews for customers at tastings and festivals where he can channel his passion for the beer to the people. 

When not expounding the wonders of Black Diamond's brews, Mike enjoys hanging out with his family, hiking, photography, gardening, cooking, music, reading, films and writing beery Haiku. 

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Twitter @piercival


Marrilee Reed

Administrative Assistant

Marrilee brings 25+ years of experience in the banking, bookkeeping and accounting industries. Having lived in the Tahoe area for 18 years, she moved to the Bay Area and took on the daunting job of cat herding (AKA, "keeping the guys in line") at Black Diamond. From handling A/R issues to phones, processing orders to managing POS, Marrilee keeps the sales and production departments going in the same direction, always with a smile. 

Baseball takes a prominent role for Marrilee as her son plays for Sonoma State and her husband coaches the Clayton Valley High School Varsity team, so she frequently gets to be a sideline player and her "teammates" get to enjoy her cookies. Her baking is legendary - cakes for employee's birthdays and beer-infused baked goodies for office surprises. Her dark chocolate cupcakes, made with our perfect-with-dessert PEAK XV, are sublime. In addition to her culinary skills, she finds time to make her own line of greeting cards. 

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Shawn Whittaker

Production Manager

Shawn started as a waiter with Black Diamond in 1994 and worked his way both in front of and behind the bar and to the Bar Manager position. In 2004, the brewpub was closed and moved to the brewery in Concord. Shawn donned a new hat and hit the street as a salesman, working the draft market. 

In 2005, the bottling line went up (with a special thanks to Bob August - one of the originals from the famous Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.) and Shawn was again handed a new hat and asked to take the position as production manager. In typical Shawn fashion, he took the challenge without blinking. He does not grasp the word "can't" - if he doesn't know how to do something that needs to be done, he soon will. 

Bottling, kegging, building the pallets, loading and unloading trucks, delivering orders to distributors, lab work, working with suppliers to help create new packages, tearing down and rebuilding broken machines with giant wrenches, cleaning taps and jockey boxes, putting together a last minute emergency request - all in a days work for Shawn. When he has a down minute you might catch him high up on a forklift, hand-polishing the bright tanks (they really are bright) or other parts of the über clean brewery. 

Shawn says that "every day there is something new, that's what makes this adventure so awesome…". That's our fire-breathing-blaze-of-red we call Stickman. 

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