Grand Cru

Bourbon Barrel Aged




Each Autumn, we fancy a good Dubbel, a rich, malty pleasure that’s the perfect accompaniment to those longer fall and winter nights. Three years ago, we began to play around with -what by then had become our “Winter Ale” and see where it might take us. After much tinkering, including a number of crazed fruit experiments, wood barrel aging in various vessels, and finally finishing with mind-numbing blending trials, we offer our Grand Cru. 

The designation of “Grand Cru” originates from the Burgundy region of France. Brewers have taken the term and applied to it more elaborate, aged and reserved versions of their beers. Our Belgian-style Dubbel (available as our winter seasonal) has been taken to the next level by the careful blending and aging techniques. We believe we’ve created a classic to be enjoyed throughout the winter months. 

This will be a limited release in both Bourbon and Brandy versions. In these batches, we’ve added locally sourced Zante currants and Black Mission figs, aged 20% of the blend in used bourbon and brandy barrels for 12 months - in which time the warmth of the spirits, along with toasted oak and vanilla flavors are released from the wood. Whole vanilla beans compliment the wood and bring forth a velvety smoothness and richness. The fig flavor is forward on the nose along with the bubble-gum/banana esters. In both, the taste starts with the rich sweetness of fruit, carries through with a rich mellow center and finishes dry, yet these Brandy and Bourbon siblings take you there via their own routes.

Suggested Pairings:

  Lamb, wild game, charcuterie, braised short ribs, cherry reductions. Try with braised pork & red cabbage, Moussaka, mushroom dishes (think risotto or polenta) grilled salmon, tuna or sardines, or try a secret weapon side dish: Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Jam in Maple Syrup/Grand Cru reduction.