Harvest Ale

Organic Pale Ale









(75% CA grown, 100% organic) xxxxx, Munich, crystal


Ivanhoe, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus

The hops for this beer were obtained originally from the Kushinski small organic hop farm near Clear Lake, CA, Hops-Meister, LLC. http://www.hopsmeister.com/ Now in its fourth season this beer has just become our first fully organic beer. We change the style up each year, last year being a Black IPA and this year pale ale. What connects them is the freshly picked hops that go into the kettle just hours after picking. Hops-Meister has reintroduced the original “California Cluster” hop variety which they call “Ivanhoe”®. It offers a nice herbal and minty quality. 

The warmer California summers allow this hop to be picked in July and thus getting it out to market sooner than with other fresh hops. 

This is not an “in your face IPA” but a complex nuanced one. As Bully from Beer Revolution said: “It’s ******* delicious”!

Suggested Pairings:

  It would be difficult to not pair a food with this, see for yourself.