Peak XV

Imperial Porter









  Low 40s 


  2.3 v/v C02

Usual category in competition:  

Other Strong Ale


 Vienna, amber, light munich, aromatic, Special B, medium crystal, chocolate, flaked oats, roasted barley, brown sugar


 Millenium, Sterling


 Cacao nibs, vanilla beans


 House English ale yeast

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Did we mention chocolate? This is attained with the addition of the finest cacao nibs, sourced locally from the world renowned Chocolatier TCHO https:/ /www.tcho.com/ The vienna malts provide a nice base hue that the amber and light munich malts enhance. The amber malt has a subtle roast flavor that is counterpointed by the maltiness of the light munich. The crystal malts provide sweetness and the flaked oats are for texture in the mouth. Brown sugar provides a rumm-like, molasses flavor. 

Oh, and vanilla..... we source only whole beans from around the globe: Tahiti, Madagascar, Mexico, South America and the West Indies. Aside from saffron, vanilla is the most expensive spice in the world. We source the finest whole pods we can obtain- never extract - and blend them to complement the cacao and malt flavors. 

This beer is a natural with many dessert courses; its lush decadence complements dark acidic fruits such as berry, orange, tangerine perfectly and marries nicely with anything cream based. It can also be used in various reduction sauces and for pure indulgence and simplicity -- it makes the best ice cream floats you have ever tasted.

Suggested Pairings:

  Belgian waffles with fruit compote, raspberry flan, sour cherry torte, candied orange peel cannoli.