The Red-headed Stepchild

Belgian/French Style Farmhouse Ale









  low 30s 


  2.5 v/v C02

Usual category in competition:  

Belgian and French style Saison


Pilsen, light munich, aromatich, malted wheat, light crystal




 Bitter orange peel, sweet orange peel, cardamom, ginger, grains of paradise


 Saison blend

Saison (French for “season”) is typically made in the late winter for summer release because the beer is meant to be stored, or lagered, and then served during the harvest as a thirst quencher. 

Using malts and a mash temperature with a high degree of fermentability, this one tastes a little more Euro than most American Saisons, with very little residual sugar for a super bright, refreshingly light finish. 

Ginger and cardamom come have very complementary flavors that accentuate the dryness of this beer. Grain of Paradise is a very ancient brewing ingredient, not commonly seen anymore, used for its unique flavor, it provides zesty white pepper heat and sharpens the aroma. 

Hops vary, but we favor those with a German-leaning perspective. Bitter orange peel is traditional but we also add sweet orange peel to provide additional fruit in the nose without adding sweetness. 

Saison is arguably the most easy to pair with food beer style out there. The legendary Garrett Oliver, author of "The Brewmasters Table" (a MUST read for beer and food pairing btw) certainly thinks so, judging by this quote: 

"if I were forced to choose one style to drink with every meal for the rest of my life, saison would have to be it" http://store.brooklynbrewery.com/beermasters-table 

Suggested Pairings:

  grilled steak, braised short ribs, pasta alla puttanesca, shepard’s pie.