Wheat Wacker

India Wheat Ale




This is a crazy, mixed up beer folks. It starts with a base of Pilsner and wheat malt which give it a light golden color and a subtle hint of clove and fresh cut grass. We ferment it with a Belgian yeast strain which gives it great depth and a spicy zing. Then we blend in European and Pacific Northwest hops to add citrus and apricot flavors, it’s then dry-hopped like an IPA to give a tart bright finish. Wheat beer fans and non-fans are equally charmed by this refreshing but very complex summer refresher, as are IPA and non-IPA fans. We told you it was crazy, and you would be nuts not to try it. 

Brewing News 2012 Global Warming Open 2nd Place (64 summer craft beers judged) 

Suggested Pairings:

  Deli sandwiches, Cobb salad, grilled bratwurst, fish tacos, fried calamari.