Red Ale









2 Row, Munich 10, Crystal 77, Special B, Crystal 30, Pearled Roast Barley


Bittered with Apollo, Flavored with Chinook and an experimental variety "342", finished with Chinnok, "342", and Zythos

Dry Hop:  

Chinook, "342", El Dorado, Centennial, Zythos, Summit

Other Ingredients:  

brown sugar, turbinado (raw, unrefined) sugar

Our newest offering Fracas Imperial Red is a deep crimson, bordering on brick red. The nose is big grapefruit, with subtle hints of pine, watermelon and honeydew. The hops are just bitter enough to stand up to the sweet malt and caramelized sugar flavor of the malts. The roast barley gives it depth of color without being overly astrigent or burnt/acrid. The hops in the finish are ever present and the flavor mimics the nose of the beer. Fracas has a slighlty chewy mouthfeel and finishes with a nice caramel sweetness yet without flabbiness in the body.

Suggested Pairings:

  Chicken mole, grilled rib-eye steak, tiki masala, roasted pork tenderloin.