Whiteout Wheat

Belgian-style Wit (White) beer









  low teens 


  2.5 v/v C02

Usual category in competition:  

Extra Special Bitter


Pale, malted wheat, toasted flaked wheat, flaked oats, light munich, biscuit malt


Magnum, Hallertau Select

Other Ingredients:  

Bitter orange peel, sweet orange peel, coriander seeds, chamomile flowers


spicy Belgian yeast

Whiteout Wheat, our riff on a Belgian Wit, is dry, light and extremely refreshing. It's brewed with coriander and orange peel and then paired with smooth Belgian malts and yeast to produce a beer that's both supple and complex. 

The pale and wheat make up equal parts of the grain bill. The flaked wheat and flaked oats provide extra protein which results in a much more stable haze in the beer. The biscuit malt provides breadiness and some body. 

We add some lactic acid to the mash to give it a little bit of tartness as well. The late addition of orange peel gives it a refreshing citrus nose, as does the crushed corainder seeds. Chamomile balances out the spiciness with herbal tones.

Suggested Pairings:

Perfect with fish and chips, salmon, and green salads. Smashing with citrus cakes, chocolate mousse or baklava. Its lively, effervescent character has outstanding drinkability and is the perfect beer on a hot summer's day.